A Guide to The Commons

Our Library and website contain information that allows you to navigate The Commons, view its resources, and understand the conditions under which you may access and use those resources.

Accessing The Commons

Enter The Commons through our interactive Library made up of databases containing information about Contributors, Commitments, Patents, Standards & Technology, and Other Legal Solutions:

Contains information about the people and companies that have made Commitments about software patents they hold. This database may be searched by Contributor name.

This database is comprised of promises, pledges, covenants and other legal undertakings made by Contributors. Commitments may be searched by title, content, type, or Contributor. Learn more about Commitments.

A collection of patent abstracts and links to the patents identified in some of the Commitments. The Patents database may searched by patent title, abstract, type of patent, patent number, or assignee.

Standards & Technology
Summaries and links to the Standards & Technology in support of which some Commitments are made. This database may be searched by content, developing organization, type of Standard & Technology, or Contributor.

Other Legal Solutions
Information about indemnification programs, litigation support funds, open source software licenses and other legal solutions that reduce the threat and potential impact of patent litigation. This database can be searched by Contributor or solution type.

You can search the website here.