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Human Interfacing Method of managing marker entities within a document data stream US5696918 12-09-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system for recalling desktop states in a data processing system US5692143 11-25-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Method for allowing single-byte character set and double-byte character set fonts in a double-byte character set code page US5689723 11-18-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Dynamic hierarchical selection menu US5689668 11-18-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing User interface system and method for creating and removing a scrolling icon from a display based upon user past and present interaction with the icon US5686937 11-11-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Variable computer icon for single control of complex software functions executed on a data processing system US5682488 10-28-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and apparatus for searching a large volume of data with a pointerbased device in a data processing system US5680605 10-21-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and device for graphically setting multiple parameter ranges US5680560 10-21-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Methods and system for converting a text-based grammar to a compressed syntax diagram US5678052 10-14-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing System and method for direct manipulation of search predicates using a graphical user interface US5668966 09-16-1997 IBM

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