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Category Title Patent Number Issue Date Assignee  
Data Processing Programming Process using virtual addressing in a non-privileged instruction to control the copying of a page of data in or between multiple media US5237668 08-17-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Scheduling input/output operations in multitasking systems US5220653 06-15-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Method for removing invariant branches from instruction loops of a computer program US5202995 04-13-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Partitioning optimizations in an optimizing compiler US5193190 03-09-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Dynamically adaptive environment for computer programs US5179703 01-12-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system for threading documents US6311198 10-30-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system of process identification by user defined process variables US6286025 09-04-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Light weight document matcher US6286000 09-04-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing System and procedure for measuring the performance of applications by means of messages US6279002 08-21-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method for reanchoring branches within a directory tree US6271846 08-07-2001 IBM

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