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Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Article of manufacture for communications of multiple partitions employing host-network interface, and address resolution protocol for constructing data frame format according to client format US6334154 12-25-2001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Assembly suitable for identifying a code sequence of a biomolecule in a gel embodiment US5609744 11-30--0001 IBM
Networking and Network Management Asynchronous replication of data changes by distributed update requests US5261094 11-09-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Attribute-based classification and retrieval system US5201047 04-06-1993 IBM
Miscellaneous Authoring knowledge-based systems using interactive directed graphs US5673369 09-30-1997 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Automated code replication during application development US6321378 11-20-2001 IBM
Storage Management Automatic cache bypass for instructions exhibiting poor cache hit ratio US5625793 04-29-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Automatic indexing and aligning of audio and text using speech recognition US5649060 07-15-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Block mode, multiple access multi-media/graphics memory US5646651 07-08-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Boot architecture for microkernel-based systems US5675795 10-07-1997 IBM

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