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Other Decreasing processing time for type 1 dyadic instructions US5253349 10-12-1993 IBM
Storage Management Demand-based issuance of cache operations to a system bus US6182201 01-30-2001 IBM
Storage Management Detection of deletion of stored data by concurrently executing processes in a multiprocessing data processing system US5247647 09-21-1993 IBM
Multi-Processing Determining a communication schedule between processors US6253372 06-26-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Digital signal processing system with dual memory structures for performing simplex operations in parallel US5692207 11-25-1997 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Digital signature generator /verifier/ recorder (DS-GVR) for analog transmissions US5680455 10-21-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Distributed processing control method and distributed processing system US5625832 04-29-1997 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Distributed system and method for detecting traffic patterns US6282486 08-28-2001 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Dynamic balancing of graphics workloads using a tiling strategy US6191800 02-20-2001 IBM
Interfacing Dynamic bus arbitration with concurrent same bus granting every cycle US5195185 03-16-1993 IBM

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