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Human Interfacing Method and apparatus for distributed processing of display panel information US5247614 09-21-1993 IBM
Multi-Processing Computer system having different communications facilities and data transfer processes between different computers US5247616 09-21-1993 IBM
Storage Management Detection of deletion of stored data by concurrently executing processes in a multiprocessing data processing system US5247647 09-21-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Transaction processing system and method with reduced locking US5247672 09-21-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Dynamic link libraries system and method US5247681 09-21-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Color palette display interface for a computer-based image editor US5249263 09-28-1993 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Structure storage management in a graphics display device US5249265 09-28-1993 IBM
Human Language Processing System and method for rebuilding edited digital audio files US5249289 09-28-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Method and apparatus for consensual delegation of software command operations in a data processing system US5249291 09-28-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and apparatus for facilitating contextual language translation within an interactive software application US5251130 10-05-1993 IBM

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