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Human Interfacing Method and system of process identification by user defined process variables US6286025 09-04-2001 IBM
Other Method and system for optimizing the fetching of dispatch groups in a superscalar processor US6286094 09-04-2001 IBM
Networking and Network Management Mobility support for printing US6288790 09-11-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Voice mail system, voice synthesizing device and method therefore US6289085 09-11-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Indexed file system and a method and a mechanism for accessing data records from such a system US6292795 09-18-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Quick loading of run time dynamic link library for OS/2 US6292843 09-18-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and apparatus for creating metadata streams with embedded device information US6295538 09-25-2001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Rating hypermedia for objectionable content US6295559 09-25-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Debug watch mechanism and method for debugging a computer program US6295613 09-25-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Method and apparatus for dynamically selecting bytecodes for just in time compiling in a user's environment US6295641 09-25-2001 IBM

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