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Human Interfacing System and procedure for measuring the performance of applications by means of messages US6279002 08-21-2001 IBM
Other Pipelined two-cycle branch target address cache US6279105 08-21-2001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Distributed system and method for detecting traffic patterns US6282486 08-28-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Efficient group by aggregation in tournament tree sort US6282541 08-28-2001 IBM
Other Method and apparatus for populating multiple data marts in a single aggregation process US6282544 08-28-2001 Computer Associates International, Inc.
Database and Data Handling Mechanism for information extraction and traversal from an object base including a plurality of object classes US6282545 08-28-2001 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Algorithm to transform generalized polygons to trapezoids US6285375 09-04-2001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Internet assisted mail US6285777 09-04-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Light weight document matcher US6286000 09-04-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and system for efficiently storing and viewing data in a database US6286007 09-04-2001 IBM

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