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Software Development & Object Technology Controlling an information processing apparatus US6259447 07-10-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Meshing method and apparatus US6259453 07-10-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and computer program product for implementing skip key processing for database grouping queries involving aggregate operations by using one or more indices US6260037 07-10-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Clustering mixed attribute patterns US6260038 07-10-2001 IBM
Networking and Network Management Test engine and method for verifying conformance for server applications US6260065 07-10-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming System and method for providing shared global offset table for common shared library in a computer system US6260075 07-10-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing System for Java data block transfers of unknown length for applets and applications by determining length of data in local buffer and passing length of data combined with data out of program US6260083 07-10-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method for displaying holidays in a locale-sensitive manner across distributed computer enterprise locales US6262725 07-17-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Method product `apparatus for modulations` US6263326 07-17-2001 IBM
Storage Management Cache coherency protocol including a hovering (H) state having a precise mode and an imprecise mode US6263407 07-17-2001 IBM

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