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Multi-Processing Information handling system including non-disruptive command and data movement between storage and one or more auxiliary processors US6226695 05-01-2001 IBM
Storage Management Method and system in a data processing system for the dedication of memory storage locations US6226725 05-01-2001 IBM
Networking and Network Management Post dump garbage collection US6226761 05-01-2001 IBM
Multi-Processing System for internode deadlock avoidance in parallel database system using as overflow buffer a temporary table storage allocated to the parallel database application program being executed US6230206 05-08-2001 IBM
Interfacing High performance multichannel DMA controller for a PCI host bridge with a built-in cache US6230219 05-08-2001 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Apparatus and method for disabling methods called on an object US6230311 05-08-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Method and device for program transformation using class hierarchy transformation based upon type constraint analysis US6230314 05-08-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Data processing method and apparatus US6230315 05-08-2001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Web browser column control US6232967 05-15-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Technique for providing a universal query for multiple different databases US6233584 05-15-2001 IBM

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