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Data Processing Programming Apparatus and method for generating animated color coded software traces US6216143 04-10-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Method and system for efficient control of the execution of actions in an object oriented program US6216149 04-10-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and apparatus for accessing mirrored logical volumes US6216211 04-10-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system for graphical display of probability relationships US6219066 04-17-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Method and computer program product for implementing pushdown query in a distributed object management system US6219663 04-17-2001 IBM
Interfacing Read request performance of a multiple set buffer pool bus bridge US6219737 04-17-2001 IBM
Other Apparatus for dynamic resource mapping for isolating interrupt sources and method therefore US6219743 04-17-2001 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Watchdog for trusted electronic content distributions US6219788 04-17-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Method for using two copies of open firmware for self debug capability US6219828 04-17-2001 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Navigation in three-dimensional workspace interactive displays having virtual force fields associated with selected objects US6222554 04-24-2001 IBM

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