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Image Processing and Video Technology Point placement method for use in a three-dimensional automatic mesh generation system US5214752 05-25-1993 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Forms processor with controlled remote revision US5218539 06-08-1993 IBM
Human Language Processing Character recognition system using the generalized hough transformation and method US5220621 06-15-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Single pass hidden line removal using Z-buffers US5220646 06-15-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Scheduling input/output operations in multitasking systems US5220653 06-15-1993 IBM
Storage Management Linkage mechanism for program isolation US5220669 06-15-1993 IBM
Human Language Processing Speech recognition apparatus having a speech coder outputting acoustic prototype ranks US5222146 06-22-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Process and apparatus for managing network event counters US5223827 06-29-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Compensation for mismatched transport protocols in a data communications network US5224098 06-29-1993 IBM
Interfacing Ping-pong data buffer for transferring data from one data bus to another data bus US5224213 06-29-1993 IBM

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