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Networking and Network Management Bundling client write requests in a server US5613155 03-18-1997 IBM
Interfacing Method and system for predefined suspension and resumption control over I/O programs US5613163 03-18-1997 IBM
Networking and Network Management Method and apparatus for providing data stream for cost effective transmission links US5614901 03-25-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and apparatus for creating and displaying faithful color images on a computer display US5614925 03-25-1997 IBM
Storage Management Method and apparatus for synchronized pipeline data access of a memory system US5615168 03-25-1997 IBM
Human Language Processing Continuous speech recognition and voice response system and method to enable conversational dialogues with microprocessors US5615296 03-25-1997 IBM
Human Language Processing Speech recognition using dynamic features US5615299 03-25-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Neural network shell for application programs US5615306 03-25-1997 IBM
Database and Data Handling System and method for efficiently processing diverse result sets returned by a stored procedures US5615337 03-25-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Method and system for controlling references to system storage by overriding values US5615354 03-25-1997 IBM

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