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Database and Data Handling Rebalancing partitioned data US6269375 07-31-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Cross platform installer-with the ability to create platform independent variables of specific operating system variables from a scripting language US6269480 07-31-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Method and system for data filtering within an object-oriented data US6269407 07-31-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Optimization of ordered stores on a pipelined bus via self-initiated retry US6269360 07-31-2001 IBM
Other Apparatus and method for facilitating out-of-order execution of load instructions US6266767 07-24-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Computer program product for enabling the construction of dialogs for commands and templates US6266808 07-24-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Calibrating high resolution measurements US6266625 07-24-2001 IBM
Networking and Network Management Apparatus and method for setting A/C bits in token ring frames for switches US6266336 07-24-2001 IBM
Storage Management Cache coherency protocol including a hovering (H) state having a precise mode and an imprecise mode US6263407 07-17-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Method and apparatus for enabling server side distributed object modification US6263498 07-17-2001 IBM

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