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Database and Data Handling Information retrieval based on rank-ordered cumulative query scores calculated from weights of all keywords in an inverted index file for minimizing access to a main database US5263159 11-16-1993 IBM
Human Language Processing Method and apparatus for finding the best splits in a decision tree for a language model for a speech recognizer US5263117 11-16-1993 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Method and processor for drawing `polygon with edge`-type primitives in a computer graphics display system US5265198 11-23-1993 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Computer system security device US5265163 11-23-1993 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Apparatus and method of operation for a facsimile subsystem in an image archiving system US5267047 11-30-1993 IBM
Human Language Processing Method for constructing a knowledge base, knowledge base system, machine translation method and system therefor US5267156 11-30-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system for controlling the presentation of nested overlays utilizing image area mixing attributes US5271097 12-14-1993 IBM
Multi-Processing Method and apparatus for dynamic detection and routing of non-uniform traffic in parallel buffered multistage interconnection networks US5274782 12-28-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Traffic measurements in packet communications networks US5274625 12-28-1993 IBM
Miscellaneous Method and system for eliminating operation codes from intermediate prolog instructions US5274820 12-28-1993 IBM

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