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Human Interfacing Method and apparatus for facilitating contextual language translation within an interactive software application US5251130 10-05-1993 IBM
Other Decreasing processing time for type 1 dyadic instructions US5253349 10-12-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Action bar processing on non-programmable workstations US5255358 10-19-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and apparatus for concurrency control of shared data updates and queries US5255387 10-19-1993 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Wire-mesh generation from image data US5257346 10-26-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Query language execution on heterogeneous database servers using a bind-file bridge between application and database languages US5257366 10-26-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Interface for keyboard emulation provided by an operating system US5261079 11-09-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling System for determining direct and indirect user access privileges to data base objects US5261102 11-09-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Asynchronous replication of data changes by distributed update requests US5261094 11-09-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Method and apparatus for batching the receipt of data packets US5260942 11-09-1993 IBM

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