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Networking and Network Management Process and apparatus for managing network event counters US5223827 06-29-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Non-repudiation in computer networks US5226079 07-06-1993 IBM
Storage Management Method and apparatus to maintain cache coherency in a multiprocessor system with each processor's private cache updating or invalidating its contents based upon set activity US5228136 07-13-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Advanced data capture architecture data processing system and method for scanned images of document forms US5235654 08-10-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Process using virtual addressing in a non-privileged instruction to control the copying of a page of data in or between multiple media US5237668 08-17-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and system for automatic deletion of a folder having temporary document relationships within a data processing system US5237679 08-17-1993 IBM
Miscellaneous Customized and versatile event monitor within event management services of a computer system US5237684 08-17-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Bus architecture for a multimedia system US5245322 09-14-1993 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Adjustment of Z-buffer values for lines on the surface of a polygon US5245700 09-14-1993 IBM
Networking and Network Management Logical grouping of layer entities in a layered communication architecture US5245608 09-14-1993 IBM

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