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Database and Data Handling Parent/child subset locking scheme for versioned objects US5623659 04-22-1997 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology System for communicating concurrently with multiple system facilitates through a single application programming interface utilizing look-up table specifying entry point information into an implementation US5623695 04-22-1997 IBM
Storage Management Automatic cache bypass for instructions exhibiting poor cache hit ratio US5625793 04-29-1997 IBM
Storage Management Superscalar instruction pipeline using alignment logic responsive to boundary identification logic for aligning and appending variable length instructions to instructions stored in cache US5625787 04-29-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Distributed processing control method and distributed processing system US5625832 04-29-1997 IBM
Storage Management Methods and systems for merging data during cache checking and write-back cycles for memory reads and writes US5627993 05-06-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Virtual storage computer system having methods and apparatus for providing token-controlled access to protected pages of memory via a token-accessible view US5628023 05-06-1997 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Image processing system for producing an attenuation map of a scanned image US5627906 05-06-1997 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology System and method for providing a graphical user interface for mapping and accessing objects in data stores US5627979 05-06-1997 IBM
Networking and Network Management Performance and status monitoring in a computer network US5627766 05-06-1997 IBM

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