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Storage Management Method and system for locking a page of real storage using a virtual address US5613086 03-18-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Method and system of generating combined storage references US5613121 03-18-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Profile-based preprocessor for optimizing programs US5613118 03-18-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Method for creating a multimedia application using multimedia files stored in directories that are characteristics of display surface areas US5613057 03-18-1997 IBM
Database and Data Handling Consistent recreation of events from activity logs US5613113 03-18-1997 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Generic disinfection of programs infected with a computer virus US5613002 03-18-1997 IBM
Networking and Network Management Bundling client write requests in a server US5613155 03-18-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Indexing method and apparatus facilitating a binary search of digital data US5613110 03-18-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Apparatus and method for a buffer reservation system US5613073 03-18-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Neural network shell for application programs US5613043 03-18-1997 IBM

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