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Database and Data Handling Interrogation index file comparison US5604901 02-18-1997 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Method and system for providing a user access to multiple secured subsystems US5604490 02-18-1997 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Computer system for executing action slots including multiple action object classes US5604907 02-18-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Method for coordinating executing programs in a data processing system US5604863 02-18-1997 IBM
Data Processing Programming Exception handling method and apparatus for a microkernel data processing system US5606696 02-25-1997 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Storing and querying execution information for object-oriented programs US5606699 02-25-1997 IBM
Networking and Network Management System for managing topology of a network in spanning tree data structure by maintaining link table and parent table in each network node US5606669 02-25-1997 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Scan line queuing for high performance image correction US5608538 03-04-1997 IBM
Networking and Network Management Remote password administration for a computer network among a plurality of nodes sending a password update message to all nodes and updating on authorized nodes US5611048 03-11-1997 IBM
Interfacing Method and system for predefined suspension and resumption control over I/O programs US5613163 03-18-1997 IBM

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