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Storage Management Method and system for efficient miss sequence cache line allocation utilizing an allocation control cell state to enable a selected match line US5668972 09-16-1997 IBM
Storage Management Computer system with a device for selectively blocking writebacks of data from a writeback cache to memory US5664150 09-02-1997 IBM
Storage Management System and method that progressively prefetches additional lines to a distributed stream buffer as the sequentiality of the memory accessing is demonstrated US5664147 09-02-1997 IBM
Storage Management Cache coherency method and system employing serially encoded snoop responses US5659710 08-19-1997 IBM
Storage Management Method and system for managing cache memory utilizing multiple hash functions US5659699 08-19-1997 IBM
Storage Management System and method for increasing cache efficiency through optimized data allocation US5651136 07-22-1997 IBM
Storage Management Method for expanding addressable memory range in real-mode processing to facilitate loading of large programs into high memory US5642491 06-24-1997 IBM
Storage Management Method and system for concurrent access in a data cache array utilizing multiple match line selection paths US5640534 06-17-1997 IBM
Storage Management Superscaler instruction pipeline having boundary identification logic for variable length instructions US5640526 06-17-1997 IBM
Storage Management Methods and systems for merging data during cache checking and write-back cycles for memory reads and writes US5627993 05-06-1997 IBM

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