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Storage Management Method for implementing a pseudo least recent used (LRU) mechanism in a four-way cache memory within a data processing system US6240489 05-29-2001 IBM
Storage Management Method and system in a data processing system for the dedication of memory storage locations US6226725 05-01-2001 IBM
Storage Management Dynamic word line driver for cache US6222752 04-24-2001 IBM
Storage Management Even/odd cache directory mechanism US6212616 04-03-2001 IBM
Storage Management Flexible cache-coherency mechanism US6202132 03-13-2001 IBM
Storage Management Demand-based issuance of cache operations to a system bus US6182201 01-30-2001 IBM
Storage Management Shared L2 support for inclusion property in split L1 data and instruction caches US5694573 12-02-1997 IBM
Storage Management High performance/low cost access hazard detection in pipelined cache controller using comparators with a width shorter than and independent of total width of memory address US5692151 11-25-1997 IBM
Storage Management Protocol and system for performing line-fill address during copy-back operation US5687350 11-11-1997 IBM
Storage Management Method and system for reduced address tags storage within a directory having a tree-like data structure US5684976 11-04-1997 IBM

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