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Data Processing Programming Method for removing invariant branches from instruction loops of a computer program US5202995 04-13-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Partitioning optimizations in an optimizing compiler US5193190 03-09-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Dynamically adaptive environment for computer programs US5179703 01-12-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system for threading documents US6311198 10-30-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method and system of process identification by user defined process variables US6286025 09-04-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Light weight document matcher US6286000 09-04-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing System and procedure for measuring the performance of applications by means of messages US6279002 08-21-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method for reanchoring branches within a directory tree US6271846 08-07-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing Method for displaying holidays in a locale-sensitive manner across distributed computer enterprise locales US6262725 07-17-2001 IBM
Human Interfacing System for Java data block transfers of unknown length for applets and applications by determining length of data in local buffer and passing length of data combined with data out of program US6260083 07-10-2001 IBM

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