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Category Title Patent Number Issue Date Assignee  
Database and Data Handling System for determining direct and indirect user access privileges to data base objects US5261102 11-09-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and apparatus for concurrency control of shared data updates and queries US5255387 10-19-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Transaction processing system and method with reduced locking US5247672 09-21-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and system for automatic deletion of a folder having temporary document relationships within a data processing system US5237679 08-17-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Advanced data capture architecture data processing system and method for scanned images of document forms US5235654 08-10-1993 IBM
Database and Data Handling Attribute-based classification and retrieval system US5201047 04-06-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Method and system for detecting and coalescing free areas during garbage collection US6324631 11-27-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Lifetime-sensitive instruction scheduling mechanism and method US6305014 10-16-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Instruction cache alignment mechanism for branch targets based on predicted execution frequencies US6301652 10-09-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Quick loading of run time dynamic link library for OS/2 US6292843 09-18-2001 IBM

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