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Other Computer system to compile non incremental computer source code to execute within incremental type computer system US6687896 02-03-2004 Open Invention Network, LLC
Other Market makers using documents for commerce in trading partner networks US6125391 09-26-2000 Open Invention Network, LLC
Other Method for automatic categorization of items US6751600 06-15-2004 Open Invention Network, LLC
Other Method of retrieving schemas for interpreting documents in an electronic commerce system US6591260 07-08-2003 Open Invention Network, LLC
Other Tool for building documents for commerce in trading partner networks and interface definitions based on the documents US6542912 04-01-2003 Open Invention Network, LLC
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Accessing databases when viewing text on the web US6311177 10-30-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming Accessing remote data objects in a distributed memory environment using parallel address locations at each local memory to reference a same data object US5655101 08-05-1997 IBM
Human Interfacing Action bar processing on non-programmable workstations US5255358 10-19-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Adaptive method and system to minimize the effect of long table walks US6249906 06-19-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Adaptive, time-based synchronization mechanism for an integrated posix file system US6308245 10-23-2001 IBM

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