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Human Interfacing Method for controlling cursor movements on certain computer workstations US5201033 11-30--0001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Assembly suitable for identifying a code sequence of a biomolecule in a gel embodiment US5609744 11-30--0001 IBM
Miscellaneous RLL encoder and decoder with pipelined plural byte processing US5177482 01-05-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Dynamically adaptive environment for computer programs US5179703 01-12-1993 IBM
Human Interfacing User interface customization apparatus US5179700 01-12-1993 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Apparatus and method for modeling parallel processing of instructions using sequential execution hardware US5179672 01-12-1993 IBM
Multi-Processing Cache affinity scheduler US5185861 02-09-1993 IBM
Data Processing Programming Partitioning optimizations in an optimizing compiler US5193190 03-09-1993 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology System for modifying relocatable object code files to monitor accesses to dynamically allocated memory US5193180 03-09-1993 IBM
Interfacing Dynamic bus arbitration with concurrent same bus granting every cycle US5195185 03-16-1993 IBM

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