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Patent Title: Internet Based Support Systems and Methods

Assignee: Blackboard Inc.
Patent Number: 6988138
Issue Date: 01-17-2006
Application Number: 608208
File Date:02-08-2007

Abstract: A system and methods for implementing education online by providing institutions with the means for allowing the creation of courses to be taken by students online, the courses including assignments, announcements, course materials, chat and whiteboard facilities, and the like, all of which are available to the students over a network such as the Internet. Various levels of functionality are provided through a three-tiered licensing program that suits the needs of the institution offering the program. In addition, an open platform system is provided such that anyone with access to the Internet can create, manage, and offer a course to anyone else with access to the Internet without the need for an affiliation with an institution, thus enabling the virtual classroom to extend worldwide.


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