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Patent Title: Method for automatic categorization of items

Assignee: Open Invention Network, LLC
Patent Number: US6751600
Issue Date: 06-15-2004
Application Number: 583650
File Date:05-13-2000

Abstract: A system and method for automatic categorization of items into categories. Machine learning establishes or updates a data structure including term weights for text fields and distributions for numeric fields, based on a sample of pre-categorized items. An automatic categorization engine processes items by referencing the data structure on a field-by-field basis, determining a ranking score for each alternative category to which an item may be assigned. A category assignment may be based on ranking scores and may be flagged for a user to review. A user interface facilitates review and confirmation of automatic category assignments, either comprehensively, as flagged by the automatic categorization engine, or according to user determined criteria.


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