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Patent Title: RLL encoder and decoder with pipelined plural byte processing

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5177482
Issue Date: 01-05-1993
Application Number:
File Date:07-12-1991

Abstract: For encoding a stream of k-bit data bytes into a stream of m-bit code bytes satisfying given constraints, a coding principle and coder apparatus are disclosed which allow pipelined and parallel handling of the byte stream. Each data byte DB and an associated coder state indicator S are together converted into a code byte CB. The coder state indicator S(i) to be associated with a data byte DB(i) is obtained by logically combining the coder state indicator S(i-1) of the preceding data byte DB(i-1) and a state transition indicator T(i-1) derived from the latter. This allows the simultaneous generation of all coder state indicators S for a whole group (a word) of data bytes, thereby enabling the parallel and pipelined operation of the coder.


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