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Patent Title: Efficient data allocation management in multiprocessor computer system

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5598570
Issue Date: 01-28-1997
Application Number:
File Date:02-08-1995

Abstract: The present invention comprises a computer system having a plurality of processors configured in an architecture having at least two subgraphs wherein at least a first subgraph and a second subgraph having the same topology and corresponding processors being stepwise complimentary for a data redistribution operation. Each processor of the computer system comprises a plurality of data-blocks and an executable program. The executable program performs the data redistribution operation by first exchanging in parallel the first half of the data-blocks of a processor in the first subgraph with the corresponding processor of the second subgraph. The redistributions of data with the corresponding stepwise complimentary processors are then simultaneously performed utilizing the full bandwidth of the data links. A reverse exchange of the first half of the data blocks between the processors of the first and the second subgraphs are then performed at the end.


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