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Patent Title: System of assigning work requests based on classifying into an eligible class where the criteria is goal oriented and capacity information is available

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5603029
Issue Date: 02-11-1997
Application Number:
File Date:06-07-1995

Abstract: Apparatus and accompanying methods for use preferably in a multi-system shared data (sysplex) environment (100), wherein each system (110) provides one or more servers (115), for dynamically and adaptively assigning and balancing new work and for new session requests, among the servers in the sysplex, in view of attendant user-defined business importance of these requests and available sysplex resource capacity so as to meet overall business goals. Specifically, systems and servers are categorized into two classes: eligible, i.e., goal-oriented servers running under a policy and for which capacity information is currently available, and candidate, i.e., servers which lack capacity information. Work requests for a client application are assigned first to various eligible systems and eligible servers thereon based on their current capacity to accept new work and in a manner that meets business goals inherent in a sysplex policy; followed, if additional servers are requested by that application, to candidate systems and candidate servers thereon. As to session placement, first those system(s) are selected that have lowest utilization, at a target importance level, but with sufficient available capacity at that level. Competing servers on the selected system(s) are then evaluated based on their corresponding session count data to yield a single resulting server. Thereafter, identification of multiple servers and their corresponding weights are returned to, e.g., a client application, for eventual routing of work requests to those servers, or the identification of a single server is returned to that application for establishing a new session therewith.


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