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Patent Title: System and method for providing a graphical user interface for mapping and accessing objects in data stores

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5627979
Issue Date: 05-06-1997
Application Number:
File Date:07-18-1994

Abstract: A graphical user interface for mapping and accessing objects in data stores is disclosed. A user may define a mapping between object schema and data store schema by use of a high level language, Schema Mapping Definition Language (SMDL), which is data store independent, object oriented language independent, and extensible. The user may either write SMDL directly or generate SMDL through the use of a graphical user interface Smart Schema whose graphical semantics support the SMDL semantics. A Schema Mapping Internal Representation (SMIR) containing representations of the object schema, the data store schema, and the mapping of the object schema and the data store schema is generated by an SMDL Parser from the SMDL. The SMIR is represented such that it may be accessible by both development interfaces and run-time environments. It supports the accessing of the mapping information given either the object schema or data store schema such that the data store schema may be accessed from the object schema, and the object schema may be accessed from the data store schema. An SMDL Generator may be used to generate the SMDL from the SMIR. The SMIR, SMDL Generator, SMDL Parser, and SMDL may be registered in a Data Store Manager (DSM) having a single, uniform, object oriented application programing interface for accessing one or more data stores, regardless of the type of data store. The DSM may use the SMIR to access objects from a data store. The SMIR may also be used by a run-time environment to provide direct access of objects from a data store, or it may be used by various Code Generators to generate an object oriented programing language for providing direct access to objects from a data store.


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