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Patent Title: Version control system for geographically distributed software development

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5675802
Issue Date: 10-07-1997
Application Number:
File Date:03-31-1995

Abstract: A data processing system and method for controlling files at a local development site within a geographically distributed multisite software development project includes a storage device, a processor, a mastership enforcer and an exchanger. The storage device stores a local replica including a plurality of files. Each file comprises a plurality of branches, and each branch comprises a plurality of versions of the file. The processor executes instructions, and retrieves and stores versions of the files in the storage device. The mastership enforcer provides the processor with the exclusive capability to modify specific branches by adding new versions of target files as determined by multisite mastership rules. The processor can create new versions of the target files, which are stored in the local replica within the storage device. The exchanger periodically updates the local replica by exporting the new versions of the target files to remote replicas at geographically remote development sites and importing additional new versions of the files from remote replicas. Thus, different branches of files, which are stored in multiple replicas geographically distributed at various development sites, can be modified concurrently and the replicas are updated with each others modifications periodically, without losing modifications or allowing inconsistent modifications among the replicas.


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