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Patent Title: Program development support system and support method and storage medium for storing program components which are used for program development support

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6182278
Issue Date: 01-30-2001
Application Number:
File Date:03-10-1997

Abstract: The present invention is directed to making a variety of programming operations, which a programmer desires, possible by using a program component. More specifically, an apparent function of program component 131 is extended by component-information editor 101 which updates the information of component-information storage 110 that holds the information about the property and method of the program component. The component information is utilized both when an application program is developed and when the application program is executed. When a program is developed, the component information is utilized by property editor 103 and code editor 107. Therefore, users can utilize the component information for generating a programming code with a feeling as if the function of the program component were extended. Furthermore, there is no possibility that the user will be conscious of the difference between the existent function and the extended function of the program component. When, on the other hand, a program is executed, the component information is utilized to call out program component 131 from interpreter 120, so the extended function can be suitably executed.


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