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Patent Title: Method and system for providing a user access to multiple secured subsystems

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5604490
Issue Date: 02-18-1997
Application Number:
File Date:09-09-1994

Abstract: An improvement relating to the security of an operating system for either a stand alone computer system or for a networked computer system. The operating system provides improved security for programs available on the computer system having different security protocols. The operating system unifies these security protocols for each user based on unique user credentials. The system operates, upon request to start a program procedure by the user, to authenticate the identity of the user based on information unique to that user. Following which, the system generates a user handle associated with the user. The system then notifies each of the security protocols of the user handle associated with the user. The system then generates new user credentials for each of the security protocols. These user credentials are associated with the user handle and then the user handle is mapped to the unique user's credentials for each program procedure. Once this is accomplished, the system invokes an alternate process and tags the process with the user handle. Once a request from the alternate process for access to an object accessed through the server is requested, the system then grants access to the object based on the new user credentials associated with the user handle. The new user credentials are typically based on an association of the user identifier, the user handle, and the unique user credentials from before.


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