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Patent Title: Advanced data capture architecture data processing system and method for scanned images of document forms

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5235654
Issue Date: 08-10-1993
Application Number:
File Date:04-30-1992

Abstract: An advanced data capture architecture is disclosed which enables the free-definition and re-definition of the format of document forms without requiring any reprogramming of the data processors which capture and use the data on the completed forms. The architecture encompasses the interactive operation of a host processor and one or more workstations in a data processing system. It includes the interaction between a host processor and a workstation in providing a list of common operand names which are meaningful to an application program running on the host. It includes the operation of the workstation creating a new document form using the list of common operand names. It includes the workstation performing character recognition of the filled-out form, transforming its information into coded data. It includes the workstation assembling a field data segment for each field, containing the common operand, the coded data and the popular name for the field. And it includes the operation of the host processor receiving the assembled field data segments from the workstation and providing the coded data to the application program which processes the information right from the form.


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