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Patent Title: Method and system for automatic deletion of a folder having temporary document relationships within a data processing system

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5237679
Issue Date: 08-17-1993
Application Number:
File Date:05-24-1990

Abstract: A method is disclosed for automatically deleting a temporary document relationship within a data processing system. A relationship between one document and one or more documents is specified as a temporary document relationship. Thereafter, each time a document is to be deleted from the data processing system, all relationships of that document are examined to determine if any have been specified as temporary document relationships. After all documents linked to a selected document by a temporary document relationship have been deleted, the selected document itself is automatically deleted by the system. In this manner, a temporary electronically designated folder may be created to store a plurality of documents in a linear and hierarchical manner. After the last document within the folder has been deleted, the folder itself is automatically deleted by this system. Similarly, a temporary stapler document relationship may be created by stapling a first document to a second document. In accordance with the method of the present invention, the deletion of either document will result in the automatic deletion of the remaining document in the staple relationship.


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