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Patent Title: Dynamically assigning a dump space in a shared data facility to receive dumping information to be captured

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5664155
Issue Date: 09-02-1997
Application Number:
File Date:06-07-1995

Abstract: A dumping service facility for data processing systems, including single systems, multisystems and shared facilities. Information, such as control information, is captured and a storage dump is created. During the capturing process, the information is serialized such that mainline commands (i.e., commands other than dump commands) are not allowed to access the information thereby possibly destroying the information. The information is stored within the storage dump in such a manner that programs can understand the information. That is, the storage dump contains a logical representation of the information being captured. Subsequent to capturing the information, serialization is released and mainline commands can once again access the information.


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