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Patent Title: Computer program product and program storage device for a data transmission dictionary for encoding, storing, and retrieving hierarchical data processing information for a computer system

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5664181
Issue Date: 09-02-1997
Application Number:
File Date:06-07-1995

Abstract: A data transmission dictionary is provided, which is adapted for use by a computer system for encoding, storing, or retrieving hierarchically related data transmission information. The dictionary is comprised of a group of one or more computer searchable definition trees relating to transmission information of the computer system. The trees are derived from a first definition group which includes characteristics of commands, replies or data usable by the computer system. The characteristics include structure and value properties and restrictions, if any, applying to the commands, replies or data. Each tree represents, respectively, a definition of a the command, reply or data to which it relates. Each tree includes a root node identified by name, e.g., a codepoint. The root node includes information describing the type of definition tree concerned (i.e., whether it relates to a command, reply or data), and may include one or more internal or terminal descendant nodes. These nodes represent components of the definition represented by the tree. The descendent nodes include level information describing the level of the node within its tree. The nodes may include attribute information, and may include value requirements relating to transmission information represented by the nodes.


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