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Patent Title: User interface customization apparatus

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5179700
Issue Date: 01-12-1993
Application Number:
File Date:07-18-1990

Abstract: An interactive computer system for converting user interface presentations from a first application specified format to a second user specified format. The system accepts application program output designed to be displayed on a target type of computer system terminal and, converts the display to a user specified form prior to display. Through conversion apparatus and process the user may specify a customized format for presentation of the data from the application program to take advantage of the capabilities of a particular display device employed by that user. The system analyses the application program output, and converts the output to a form required by the customized interface and display the resulting output on the user display device. The system is able to accept data input and commands from the user display device, convert them into a form required by the application program and transmit that input or command to the application program. The application allows adaptation from one format to another and from one language to another. All changes are accomplished without changing the base application program.


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