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Patent Title: Color palette display interface for a computer-based image editor

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5249263
Issue Date: 09-28-1993
Application Number:
File Date:06-16-1989

Abstract: A display system is described for producing and showing color images which includes a screen for displaying an interactive user interface. The display interface includes image color choice areas, anti-alias color choice areas, a current color area, an echo icon area and user-movable cursor indications. The invention enables the display system user to choose among a plurality of displayed colors and to visually determine the effect of the choice. The method includes moving a cursor indication to a color choice area, displaying the color choice in the current color selection area; and displaying in the echo icon area an echo icon drawn using the color choice. This enables the display system user to see an enlarged view of the color choice and an icon drawn with the color and enables the user to assess the effect of the color choice, both from the standpoint of the enlarged view and from the standpoint of exhibiting an expanded anti-aliased figure. In addition, the color alteration also causes the image to be modified to reflect the color change, thus enabling the user to obtain a complete assessment of the results of the color selection.


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