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Patent Title: Logical partitioning of gamma ramp frame buffer for overlay or animation

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5600773
Issue Date: 02-04-1997
Application Number:
File Date:02-16-1994

Abstract: Methods, systems and programs for partitioning an RGB gamma ramp frame buffer of a workstation into groupings of bit planes to isolate for independent generation the images of multiple objects displayed on a common video screen. According to a preferred practice, groups of bit planes are masked while others are written with scaled and off-set data suitable to represent shaded three-dimensional images. A matching partition of the color palettes in the digital to analog converters ensures consistency in the translation from digital frame buffer data to analog red-green-blue (RGB) color signals. The images as stored in the frame buffer can be arranged in any order of overlay priority. Retention of static image data in a partition reduces the graphics processor load by eliminating the need for regenerating the static component of a complex animation, thereby faciliting real-time motion or user interaction. Losses in color bandwidth resolution are substantially offset through the use of dithering techniques.


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