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Patent Title: Graphical resource editor for software customization

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5600778
Issue Date: 02-04-1997
Application Number:
File Date:09-08-1995

Abstract: A graphical resource editor for selectively modifying graphical resources in software applications provides a main window graphical user interface object for interaction with the graphical resource editor. The main window contains a resource category selection object including a list of selectable resource category objects. These objects contain resource category descriptors corresponding to categories of editable resources. The resource category selection object provides a user activatable interface for selecting among the list of resource category objects an editable resource category. The graphical resource editor further includes a system responsive to user activation of the resource category selection object for generating in the main window a list of resource descriptors corresponding to the selected category of editable resources. A plurality of resource value display fields are provided in the main window for displaying resource values representing the status of the selected category of editable resources. Also provided in the main window is a set of resource value selection objects providing user activatable interfaces for setting editable resource values. Customization of software applications may performed statically by saving resource edits to an application resource file, or dynamically by applying resource edits on-the-fly to an application running concurrently with the graphical resource editor.


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