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Patent Title: System and method for direct manipulation of search predicates using a graphical user interface

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5668966
Issue Date: 09-16-1997
Application Number:
File Date:01-31-1995

Abstract: A graphical user interface is provided which can create a predicate for searching for data using only mouse operations on the desktop, and apply the predicate to a database system containing objects to be searched. The user can identify a primitive predicate by inputting search items (that is, file attributes) on the desktop, and can create a logical operation expression for identifying search conditions by displaying a composite predicate representing a logical operator as a folder, and by dragging and dropping an icon representing the predicate on that folder. The logical operation expression can be hierarchically organized and stored. Moreover, a predicate can be displayed on the desktop on a desired hierarchical level by opening or closing an icon for each composite predicate from an icon to a folder, or a folder to an icon. A predicate can be applied as search conditions by dropping an icon representing the created predicate on a folder representing a database (in this case, the dropped object of display becomes the search range). Further, the predicate can be applied to the database by dropping an icon representing the database on a predicate icon (or, folder).


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