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Patent Title: Method of managing marker entities within a document data stream

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5696918
Issue Date: 12-09-1997
Application Number:
File Date:10-11-1988

Abstract: A method for managing marker entities within a document data stream independently of the content of the data stream. The method provides consistent specification and independent processing of marker entities which may include both text and non-text data and which may be associated physically and/or logically with data stream content at the document or lower order entity level. A define marker structure control is utilized within the data stream to specify in a data type independent fashion the physical structure and content of a marker entity as well as defining any desired relationship of a marker entity with another entity within the data stream. A map marker control is then utilized to control the position within a presentation area where the marker entity is to be imaged. In this manner, the method provides a flexible, efficient and useful manner to associate a marker entity within a document data stream which may be tied to specific layout areas during presentation and which may be easily manipulated at a data stream level.


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