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Patent Title: Graphical interface method, apparatus and application for creating and modifying a multiple-value text list

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6195096
Issue Date: 02-27-2001
Application Number:
File Date:08-14-1996

Abstract: Disclosed is an application program for revising a list of textual values, wherein the application is controlled by a computer system having at least a visual operator interface, an operating system for controlling the operation of program applications within the computer system, and memory for storing the application program. The application includes means for selecting a first window showing a user list box displaying a plurality of textual values. A first pushbutton may be selected from the first window to cause the display of a second window in which the user may enter a new textual value that is different from the plurality of textual values displayed in the first window. Another pushbutton in the second window may be used to display the first window with the textual values displayed including the new textual value. A pushbutton from the first window may be used to display a second value identical to the first textual value. Another pushbutton may then cause the display of the first window with the first and textual values displayed. An additional pushbutton from the first window may then be used to display a second window including a selected textual value to modify.


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