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Patent Title: Method and apparatus for consensual delegation of software command operations in a data processing system

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5249291
Issue Date: 09-28-1993
Application Number:
File Date:11-20-1990

Abstract: A method and apparatus are disclosed for permitting the consensual delegation of selected software command operations by one user to another user in a data processing system. An Affinity Activity Object (AAO) is established and associated with a selected user. A plurality of parameters are then listed within the Affinity Activity Object (AAO) and these parameters are then utilized to identify selected software command operations, an identification of those users for which the associated user consents to undertake those software command operations and a selected time frame during which such undertaking will be permitted. In response to a request for delegation of a software command operation, these listed parameters are then evaluated and only those selected software command operations satisfying the listed parameters are delegated to the associated user. By negotiating the establishment of an Affinity Activity Object (AAO) for both client and delegate users the delegation of software command operations may be efficiently controlled while allowing users to specify the degree and extent of an affinity relationship established thereby.


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