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Patent Title: Protected system partition read/write access on a SCSI controlled DASD

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5651139
Issue Date: 07-22-1997
Application Number:
File Date:12-23-1993

Abstract: A method and system for providing access to a protected partition of a direct access storage device in a data processing system which includes a direct access storage device, an adapter that commands I/O of the storage device and also contains a protection mechanism that restricts access to a memory partition on the storage device, an adapter device driver for controlling the adapter, and a system block device driver for transferring I/O commands to the system partition from the operating system to the adapter device driver. The method comprises the steps of receiving a request to perform a read or write to a protected memory partition, generating a command data block directing the storage device to perform the read or write, and generating a passthru command containing the command data block that directs the adapter to send the command data block without enforcing the protection of the memory partition. The method continues by sending the passthru command to the adapter which then passes the command data block on to the storage device to be executed without enforcing the memory partition protection.


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