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Patent Title: Accessing remote data objects in a distributed memory environment using parallel address locations at each local memory to reference a same data object

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5655101
Issue Date: 08-05-1997
Application Number:
File Date:05-27-1994

Abstract: A mechanism and method for accessing remote data objects in a distributed memory environment is disclosed. In the distributed memory environment, a number of parallel processors are remote from each other and each has memory storage capacity with parallel address locations. For each data object stored in the local memory of a processor, that processor stores a variable at a specific location pointing to the address of the data object in its local memory. At the same (parallel) location in the local memories of all remote parallel processors, a variable pointing to the home processor for the data object is stored. In order to access the data object, it is only necessary to locate the identifier variable in the processor processing a program pointing to the processor having the data object in storage. Because of the parallel address space, the location will automatically point directly to the same address location in the home storage processor, and this address location contains the address pointing to the actual location of the data object in the local storage of that processor. Alternate means for updating the variable information on data object storage is also provided. In one system, changes are broadcast throughout the parallel processor environment while in the other system, changes are merely retained on the home processor or the home processor and one remote parallel processor responsible for recording changes in that region of the distributed memory environment. When accessed by another remote parallel processor, the change information will be transmitted.


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