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Patent Title: Computer file management and backup system

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5664186
Issue Date: 09-02-1997
Application Number:
File Date:05-08-1995

Abstract: A file management and backup system manages access to data objects such as records stored in a primary repository, and occasionally backs-up the data objects to a backup repository. A backup utility within the system, periodically or at the request of a user, makes a backup request to a file manager, and specifies the scope of the backup. In response, the file manager makes an entry in a "backup in progress" table indicating that the corresponding file space(s), directory(ies), file(s) and/or data object(s) are currently involved in a consistent backup procedure. Then, the backup utility commences the actual copying of the data within the backup scope to the backup repository with assistance from the file manager in accessing the data from the primary repository. If a request is made to update a file space, directory, file or data object within the backup scope once the entry is made in the backup in progress table, the file manager makes a "shadow" or copy of the file space, directory, file or data object for which update is requested. Then, the file manager updates the original file space, directory, file or data object, and uses the shadow copy for the backup procedure. After the backup is completed, the shadow copy is invalidated. If the update request is made during the backup procedure to a directory, file or data object which has already been backed-up, then a shadow copy is not necessary.


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